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Roo Lab

Roo Lab

It should come as no secret that along with our Middletown friends we obsess about Galaxy hops. Pete and Sam can wax poetic for days about different lots of the stuff. Maybe we’ve taken our fetishizing too far this time. After months of sharing kangaroo photos with each other from hop selection trips we started obsessing with Roos sneakers online just because they have our favorite Australian animal on them. That obsession reached an absurd level when we decided to bronze several pairs of Roos baby shoes. Why stop there? We decided we’d bronze a few more iconic OH/EQ items, namely some broccoli and a beaker. So with that in mind we crafted the next of our Lab collabs with big doses of Galaxy and another Australian crush, Vic Secret. One last fun fact: Did you know Walter Payton was sponsored by Roos and had his own shoe?


Imperial IPA
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