Are you old enough to drink?

Today at 5pm we have:

Cookie Kooks Garbage Cookie Imperial w/ Omnipollo (15.4%)

When our homies from @omnipollo came through we knew a couple adjuncts just wouldn’t be enough so we loaded this up with cacao nibs, vanilla, home made caramel sauce, potato chips, pretzels, Corn Flakes™, Cookie Crisp™, Cinnamon Toast Crunch™, Golden Grahams™, Cocoa Puffs™, coffee, oats and milk sugar. What we got was an Imperial Stout packed with melange of cereal flavors, strong vanilla and caramel notes and an awesome salinity from the potato chips and pretzels. In other words, a garbage cookie in stout form. $18 per bottle, 4 bottles per person.