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November 5 2018


Today at noon we have:

Camp Coolship Spontaneously Fermented Ale (4.7%)

Conceived and brewed during a trip to Arizona to brew a different beer with Arizona Wilderness, we decided to test their new (at the time) mobile Coolship by producing and driving hot wort from their brewery to the Mongollon Rim for an overnight camp out and spontaneous wort inoculation.  The beer was then fermented in barrel and conditioned in barrel for 2 years. One of the coolest projects we’ve been involved in to date. $22 per bottle, 2 bottles per person.


Candy From Strangers Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (14.3%)

We brewed this base beer last Halloween and aged it for 1 year in Willett Barrels. It has great bourbon forward character.

Gold Version: conditioned on peanut butter, cacao nibs, and vanilla. $20 per bottle, 4 bottles per person.

Silver Version: conditioned on pecans and vanilla. $20 per bottle, 4 bottles per person.