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December 1 2018 10:00 am


This Saturday at 10am we have:

Lab Daydream Imperial IPA (10.0%)

Brewed in collaboration with our homies from Middletown, Equilibrium Brewery. We brewed this with a huge amount of Citra and Galaxy with Galaxy taking the lead. We chose a simple grain bill of 2-row and oats to let the hops really lead the way. $22 per four pack, 1 case per person.


Lucid Hypnagogia Imperial Oat Cream IPA (8.0%)

Brewed as a companion to Dream Wave Fluctuation that we brewed with Equilibrium brewery, this oat cream DIPA with oats and lactose was brewed with lots of Citra to lead the way and hopped with Galaxy, Enigma, Idaho 7 and Citra Cryo in support. $20 per 4pk, 1 case per person.


Network Noise Imperial IPA (10%)

Brewed with our friends from Moscow, Zagovor Brewery, is a pils based IPA with oats and buckwheat then hopped with a blend of 7 different hops. Motueka, Kohatu, Citra, Galaxy, Idaho 7, Vic Secret, and Enigma. $22 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.

Double Idaho 7 Daydream Imperial Oat Cream IPA (8.5%)

Idaho 7 gets the daydream treatment with oats and lactose. Big creamy pineapple. $18 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.

Baked Ziti IPA (7.5%)

Wheat and oats crushed with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic. $16 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.