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12.29.18 CAN RELEASE

December 29 2018


Saturday at 10am we have:

Sicker Than Your Average Quadruple Creme Brûlée Imperial IPA (10.0%)

Collaboration with Omnipollo. Our friends and wacky beer wizards from Stockholm came through and whipped up this big DIPA dosed HEAVILY (10 lbs/bbl!!!) with Citra and Galaxy. We also dosed this hop creation with six different vanilla varieties including Tahitian, Madagascar, Bourbon, Wild Mexican, Ugandan, and Ecuadorean.

$22 per 4 pack, 1 case per person

Front Range Daydream Imperial Oat Cream IPA (8.4%)

We brewed this as a companion to Skyline Daydream that we brewed at WeldWerks Brewing this fall. This oat and lactose laced DIPA is hopped with Citra Cryo, Galaxy and Enigma.

$20 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.

Blueberry Crunchee Imperial Blueberry Granola Berliner Weisse  (7.4%)

Brewed with blueberry, almonds, toasted coconut, vanilla, maple, cinnamon, lactose and toasted oats. Start the day off right!

$22 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.

The Daydreamiest Imperial Oat Cream IPA (10.5%)

The Imperial mash up of our 3 favorite Daydream hops, Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy. Add a little sparkle to your New Year.

$22 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.