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May 24 2019 12:00 pm


This Friday, 5/24 at 12pm we have:

Dip-A-Roos Imperial IPA(8.3%)

Inspired by our recent trip to Australia to visit our Australian hops providers and subsequent kangaroo sighting we bring you this pils, wheat, and oat based Imperial IPA hopped with Galaxy, Vic Secret, and Enigma, our three main Australian hops. $20 per 4 pack, 1 case per person. ⠀

Melon Bellini Imperial Berliner Weisse(8.0%)

Brewed with a ton of melon and a little bit of lime for balance. Just in time for summer. $22 per 4 pack, 1 case per person

Motueka Daydream Oat Cream IPA(6.5%)

We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to hand select our NZ hops and we wanted to highlight our beautiful Motueka hops we get from @freestylehops in our classic oat cream style. $16 per 4 pack, 1 case per person. ⠀⠀

Space Hallucinations Imperial Oat Cream IPA (10.5%)

Never enough Galaxy hops, but we are trying. Big dose of oats with a hint of milk sugar. $22 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.

DDH Broccoli Imperial IPA (7.9%)

With cascade, hallertau blanc, mosaic, simcoe, mosaic lupulin powder, and lightly hit with oats and wheat. $20 per four pack, 1 case per person.⠀⠀