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June 16 2018

This Saturday(6/16) we will have 4 beers available starting at 10am. 3 new beers and one of our all time favorites. We will have a fresh batch of DDH Broccoli to go along with our @kcbcbeer collab Same, But Different, Space Hallucinations, and Green Visions.

Same, But Different Hoppy Lager (7.5%)

Second part of our collab with @kcbcbeer. A couple weeks ago they released Different, But Same Imperial IPA and we are following it up with Same, But Different Hoppy Lager. Both beers were brewed with the same recipes but the KCBC version was fermented with ale yeast and our version with lager yeast. Brewed with pilsner malt and flaked oats and hopped with Citra and Bru-1. Hopefully you get the chance to try them side by side. $20 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.






DDH Broccoli Imperial IPA (7.9%)

Nice balanced dose of wheat and oats to accompany 2-Row and then is hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe, Hallertau Blanc and Cascade hops plus a second dry hop with all 4 hops including Mosaic and Simcoe lupulin powder. One of our favorites. $20 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.


Space Hallucinations Imperial Oat Cream IPA (10.5%)

Continuation of our Space Dream/Space Daydream series. This beer gets our dream/daydream treatment with a heavy dose of oats and a hint of lactose before being hopped with a hallucinogenic amount of Galaxy. Dry hopped 3 times! $22 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.



Green Visions Imperial IPA (8.6%)

We created this beer to play with a new to us hop, Moutere, from New Zealand. It has grapefruit and passion fruit character which we backed up with plenty of Citra hops. $20 per 4 pack, 1 case per person.