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June 21 2018 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Since next week the drop is on a Thursday(6/21) we wanted to give everybody an early heads up. The release will start at 5pm. We have collabs with @trilliumbrewing@eviltwinbrewing and @jwakefieldbeer , who were all gracious enough to come through and brew some special pre-fest beers with us. We’ve also got two of our favorites!

Oh… That’s Trill India Pale Ale (7.5%)

Brewed with our good friends @trilliumbrewing, this IPA is hopped with the perfect of amount of Galaxy and Sabro (previously HBC 438) upon a nice malt bill of 2-Row, pale malt, oats, biscuit and honey malt. $18 per 4 pack, two 4 packs per person.




Lingonpäron Berliner Weisse with Pear and Lingonberry (5.0%)

Brewed with the awesome folks from Helsingborg, Sweden, This berliner is meant to pay homage to the Swedish dessert by the same name that is pears soaked in lingonberry. $18 per 4 pack, two 4 packs per person.



DDH All Citra Everything Imperial IPA (8.5%)

Pure Citra hop expression. $20 per 4 pack, two 4 packs per person.




DDH Space Diamonds Imperial IPA (8.5%)

Nothing but awesome Galaxy goodness. $20 per 4 pack, two 4 packs per person.


They Who Drink Beer Will Think Beer Imperial Stout (16%)

With Coconut, Orange, Macadamia Nuts, and Vanilla. Brewed with our Brooklyn neighbor @eviltwinbrewing $18 per bottle, 1 bottle per person.



Snowbirds 2 Imperial Stout (16%)

With Coconut, Toasted Coconut, Marcona Almonds, and Cacao Nibs. Brewed with our buds from @jwakefieldbeer. We loved Snowbirds so much we had to do it again but bigger. Bigger beer and more coconut, nibs and almonds than before. It’s like Snowbirds did crossfit with John and Maria for a couple months and got swole. $18 per bottle, 1 bottle per person.