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Beer & Sausage Pairing

June 27 2024 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Beer & Sausage Pairing Flyer

There is nothing better than having a hot sausage off the grill and enjoying it while drinking a great Other Half beer. Learn how to pair our beers with the type of sausage you will be grilling up this summer with this funny pairing event!

We partnered up with SOKO Butcher and DC Beer to bring you this fun evening where you can try some great sausages made by SOKO and hear and taste why they pair so great with our beers. SOKO made a bratwurst with our Green City IPA that we also pair with Green City, while also trying a Lamb Sausage and Beef Sausage and sampling what we pair with those as well. Each person will get three sausages, and three 8oz beers and can listen to Brad from SOKO about what went into making the sausages and why we picked the beer to pair with it.

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